The Woman Was Forced to Watch her Own Rap

The Woman Was Forced to Watch her Own Rap

Posted on Dec 2, 2019

The woman, who participated in a reality show in Spain, was forced to watch her own 'alleged rap' after which the company announced not to advertise for the show.

The episode, which was broadcast in Spain by Big Brother or Big Boss, featured a woman named Carlotta Prado.

A video was shown of the woman being sent to the dairy room in which a man on the show raped while Carlotta was unconscious.

As the Telegraph reported, the woman's eyes burst into tears while watching the video and she said 'God, stop it, please', but the video kept playing and a voice said 'We think you should see Carlotta'.

The show was not aired on TV, but the information was posted on Spanish media.

Until he left the room, Carlotta Prado had no idea what had happened to him the night before, because, during anesthesia, a man named Jose Maria Lopez hung him on the bed, with a woman while he was at home. Had increased the relationship.

According to the footage, Jose Maria Lopez tried to rap, after which the show's production team intervened via a speaker.

The deal with the woman was revealed in a digital newspaper El Conditional, and then more than 40 companies advertising the show announced their termination of the reality show.

The show has been broadcasting on a Spanish TV continuously since 2000, and the production company Endemol Shine Group said in a statement that the video of the alleged rap without the presence of a psychologist or another person was a mistake.

"We are ashamed of the conversation with Carlotta in the dairy room," the statement said.

Jose Maria Lopez has been removed from the show, while the affected woman has been provided psychological support after her in-room experience.

Carlotta spent several days at the hotel and then returned to the show, while the production company and then the woman filed a complaint with the police against Jose Maria Lopez.

The investigating judge recently said there was evidence that could lead to a sexual assault case against Jose Lopez, but the prosecutor's lawyer said his client denied the allegations.

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