The US will provide ventilators to Pakistan: Trump

The US will provide ventilators to Pakistan: Trump

Washington: US President Donald Trump has said that Pakistan has asked him to send ventilators for coronavirus patients, which he has agreed to.

Briefing the White House on the global epidemic, the US president said he had talked to several world leaders who "desperately need ventilators".
And he assured them that Washington would help meet their needs.

Donald Trump said, "We talked to Pakistan. They want to get some ventilators. We are going to give them some ventilators."


The US president said that all the leaders he spoke to had "talked to me about solving the problem of ventilators because it is a big problem".

Keep in mind that 2 months ago, when the epidemic broke out, the United States did not have enough ventilators to meet the growing demand.

Most of the governors of 50 states in the United States tried to outdo each other in buying this breathing machine from foreign manufacturers.

"We are now making millions of vanity liters and sending 500 to Mexico, another 500 to France, as well as some to Spain and some to Italy," he said.

The US president then named Pakistan among the countries that would receive ventilators but did not say when or how many ventilators would be provided.

He also did not specify whether it would be US assistance to Pakistan to control the virus or whether Islamabad would buy ventilators from Washington.



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