The US military is not a law enforcement agency in Afghanistan, Trump

The US military is not a law enforcement agency in Afghanistan, Trump

WASHINGTON: US President Donald Trump used the last State of the Union address during his presidency to reaffirm US troops' withdrawal from Afghanistan and told his people that his army was not a law enforcement agency for others.
Allotting a small part of his address to foreign policy, the US president took credit for the death of Iranian General Qasim Sulaimani in Iraq last month but also expressed his commitment to peace.

Donald Trump said, "We are defending the lives of Americans by ending the American war in the Middle East; we are working to end America's longest war (Afghan war) and bring our troops home.

President Donald Trump promised to bring American troops back from Afghanistan during his election campaign in 2016 and has made several efforts, but 13,000 US troops are still in Afghanistan.

He said that because of the determination and bravery of the American fighters, his government could make "tremendous progress" in Afghanistan, adding that he was not looking forward to killing millions in Afghanistan because most of them were innocent.

He also disagreed with those who wanted American troops to be there to maintain peace and stability in war-torn Afghanistan.

"It is not our job to give our services like law enforcement agencies in other countries, they are the best in the world and they either want to win the war or they don't want any fighting at all," he said.

Reaffirming his commitment to the solution through Afghan war negotiations, US President Donald Trump added that "US troops have rendered their services and peace talks are now underway."

It is understood that talks with the US government are underway in Doha, the capital of Qatar, which is expected to be resolved soon.

In the event of an agreement, the United States will be able to peacefully withdraw its troops from Afghanistan by ending the 18-year-old Afghan war.

The US and Taliban have been negotiating for more than a year to end the longest war, which was suspended last year due to the deaths of two US soldiers, but talks have resumed since December last year.



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