The United States has banned seven key officials, including the Iranian interior minister

The United States has banned seven key officials, including the Iranian interior minister

The United States has banned Iranian Interior Minister Abdolreza Rahmani-Fazli for "grave human rights abuses."

Washington also banned seven people, including the provincial commander of the Revolutionary Guards of Iran (IRGC) and senior officials of the Law Enforcement Force (LEF), according to AFP.

US officials have accused several Iranian companies of being involved in the energy, construction, technology, services, and banking industries.

US Secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin said the Iranian government was using "physical and psychological abuse" to suppress peaceful protests by the Iranian people.

He said that the United States will hold accountable all those officials and institutions that oppress and abuse their own people.

Steven Mnuchin said Iranian law enforcement forces "played a key role in cracking down on protesters and running detention centers for physical and psychological abuse."

He said the LEF had cracked down on Afghan migrants in Iran and sent them to deportation centers, where the IRGC had reportedly forced them to fight for Iranian militias in Syria.

In May of this year, the LEF tortured Afghan citizens and forced them into the river, Steven Mnuchin said.

The US Treasury has announced sanctions against the LEF and the IRGC since June 9, 2011.

He said the two organizations were involved in serious human rights abuses since the disputed June 2009 presidential election.

The report also mentioned the IRGC's intervention in Syria.

It should be noted that a senior Afghan official had said that the bodies of 18 tortured Afghan migrants should be recovered by the Iranian border guards.

The Afghan official had alleged that the Afghans had been subjected to the worst torture before being pushed into the river by Iranian border guards last week.


Earlier in January, the United States announced sanctions against eight senior Iranian officials accused of destabilizing the region.

The US Treasury Secretary told reporters at a White House briefing that more than a dozen mining and metallurgical companies had been banned in Iran, along with eight high-ranking officials.


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