The United States denies Germany's charge of stopping "aircraft equipped with face mask"

The United States denies Germany's charge of stopping "aircraft equipped with face mask"

A spokesman for the US Embassy in Thailand has said that the United States has nothing to do with Germany being accused of stopping their protective mask at Bangkok Airport.

According to a foreign news agency 'Reuters', the US embassy spokesman in Bangkok, Jillian Bonardiux, said that "the US government did not take any action to stop medical supplies going to Germany, nor about such a ship."

The statement was made in response to a statement from the US Secretary of State Andreas Gesel in Germany a few days ago.

The German Secretary of the Interior said in his statement that a ship arriving in Germany with 2 million protective masks was stopped at Bangkok airport and sent to the United States, which is malicious.

The US diplomat said: "We are concerned about the attempt to distribute international efforts through unverified news and baseless campaigns".

According to the news agency, Thai authorities tried to take a stand in this regard but the holiday was not possible.

It is to be noted that Germany's allegation of changing the direction of the mask-carrying vessel has come at a time when countries around the world are taking all possible measures against the Coronavirus.

US allies in Europe and South America accused him of hating the West, saying that Washington canceled its orders by offering health-related exports more than the market price.

Top officials in France and Germany say the United States is paying more than the market to buy medical-grade masks from China, the top mask-producing country.

He said that the US was getting auction with a big offer while European buyers believed that the deal had been reached.

The Brazilian Minister of Health has repeated similar allegations.

A German government official said that 'Americans are mobilizing for a lot of money'.

The US-based multinational company said in a statement that the White House had ordered Canada and Latin America to stop exporting, while the company said that "these goods have a significant impact on humanitarian grounds".

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said stopping exports by the US is a mistake that will fail, while the country's health system is being destroyed daily.

This week, US companies and the government are paying more than the market for imports, said a U.S. Homeland Security Department official.

On the condition of anonymity, he said the United States would continue to buy until we had enough numbers and could continue to search for these items by August this year.


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