The trader laments the Sindh government's slow behavior, 'Allow production units to operate'

The trader laments the Sindh government's slow behavior, 'Allow production units to operate'

Posted on Mar 27, 2020

KARACHI: Exporters and industrialists accuse the Sindh government of causing unnecessary delays in allowing the export sector's production units to operate pending shutdowns to clear the pending shipment.

It should be noted that the provincial government had directed textile and leather apparel exporters to an information form that contained export orders, personnel required to meet production targets, management of their health, safety and environment, lockdown Others included social distance procedures and worker screening arrangements for workers.

The committee's meeting, chaired by the Additional Chief Secretary of the Interior Department, the Secretary of General Administration and the Secretary of the Labor Department, discussed the plan to allow exporters to operate their units on March 25.

The meeting was informed that several exporters approached the provincial government to allow them to operate some units as they had already received foreign orders and were ready for stock shipment.

The exporters assured the authorities that the government and the World Health Organization's guidelines on transportation and workplace safety were adhered to.

He said that in case of an unforeseen situation, the manufacturers would not blame the provincial government.

On the other hand, textile and leather exporters are lacking in the provincial government's sluggish attitude in allowing units to reopen.

Javed Bilani, a chief coordinator of the Pakistan Apparel Forum and chairman of the Karachi Industrial Forum, said he had requested to open 75 textile export units but the provincial government did not heed his request.

"We need at least 3-5 days to load our export shipment, as well as be able to pay workers and staff salaries," he said.

"If the lockdown or curfew is implemented after clearing the export shipment within 5 days, we will not mind," said Javed Bilani.

Exports are being routed to Corona virus-free countries by air and sea, excluding Italy, France, and Spain, said Fawad Ijaz Khan, chairman of the Pakistan Leather Garments Manufacturers and Exporters Association (PLGMEA).

However, despite the approval of the proposal by Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah, the Sindh government is taking unnecessarily long days to allow export units.

He said that DG Rangers had also said that there was no problem in reopening the units for some days.

Fawad Ejaz Khan said that the exporters are managing these cargo freight services via DHL, Qatar and Emirates Airlines to ship to the respective countries.

He said that the federal government, including the Advisor for the Industries for Industry, Abdul Razzaq Dawood, wanted a continuation of exports but the government was causing unnecessary delays in Sindh.


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