The total number of people killed by the coronavirus has exceeded 800

The total number of people killed by the coronavirus has exceeded 800

In China, the total number of people killed by the coronavirus has exceeded 800, while scientists around the world are using new technology to find a cure for the virus.

French news agency AFP reports that the death toll from the Coronavirus has exceeded the worldwide death of the SARS epidemic in 03-2002, while the World Health Organization (WHO) said Virus spread is known to have stability.

So far the number of people infected with the Coronavirus in China has exceeded 37,000, and its cases have been reported in two dozen other countries.

According to data from Chinese health officials, the total death toll has surpassed 774 deaths worldwide from Sears Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), after confirming 89 more deaths in Hubei Province.

Recent data has come out after a statement from the World Health Organization saying that the number of virus victims in China has declined, which is good news, but now they warn that this number will not be settled and that number Then can grow.

Despite the rapid increase in the number of casualties, the number of cases reported on a daily basis has diminished on February 5, after the virus was confirmed in about 3,000 people in China.

Today (February 9th), more than 2,600 cases of Coronavirus have been reported in China.

Vaccination against a disease takes years and involves many stages of animal trials, clinical trials on humans, and regulatory approvals.

However, several teams of experts supported by the World Alliance, which aims to end emerging diseases, are trying to dissuade each other in vaccine preparation, and Australian scientists hope their vaccine is ready in six months.

"This is a stressful situation and we have a heavy burden on it," said Keith Chappell, a senior researcher at the University of Queensland, Australia.

He said that many teams around the world are engaged in the same mission, hoping that one of them will succeed and end the epidemic.

However, a 6-month period is known to be slow in terms of the virus, which kills around 100 people daily in China.



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