The situation in the region will not affect the United Arab Emirates

The situation in the region will not affect the United Arab Emirates

Posted on Jan 9, 2020

The UAE's foreign ministry, while denying security threats, said that the recent tensions in the Middle East do not pose a threat to its citizens and outsiders.

The Gulf Times reports that the UAE's Foreign Affairs Ministry and International Cooperation stressed on negotiating and politically resolving the current situation, saying the region was seeing a changing situation and that increasing tensions must be curtailed. ۔

The statement was issued by the United Arab Emirates following the United States and the US issuing a travel alert to its citizens in the United Arab Emirates and instructing them to return to their countries.

According to a report in the local newspaper The National, no such travel alert was issued by the aforementioned countries.

According to the newspaper, a spokesman for the United States Embassy in the United Arab Emirates said that "the security policy of the United Arab Emirates has not changed".

The Dubai Media Office dismissed rumours regarding the Iranian threat and said in a tweet that 'no such statement has been issued by any Iranian government official'.

"We urge all people to refrain from spreading false news and rumours," he said.

Earlier, the British Foreign Office had also instructed its citizens to 'beware of the region's security situation following the death of Iranian general Qasim Sulaimani in a US airstrike in Baghdad on January 3'.

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Directed its citizens, it was said that 'threats to Western interests in the region are likely to increase and the situation may worsen'.

Addressing citizens, the British Foreign Office said, "You have to be vigilant and aware of the latest situation."

According to the report, the British government did not name the UAE in these instructions but issued a warning regarding the entire region.

It is to be remembered that the United States January 3 killed 9 people, including General Qasim Sulaimani, the head of Iran's Quds Force, and the commander of the Iraqi Paramilitary Force in an airstrike near Baghdad Airport, which escalated tensions between the two countries. And are threatening further attacks against each other.

Iran fired missiles at an American base in Iraq last night and claimed the lives of several people.

The US military said in its statement that Iran targeted US allies in two Iraqi military bases outside its borders at half past midnight.

The Iraqi military said 22 missiles were attacked in the western province of Anbar, in the central city of Ain-Assad Airbase and in the Kurdish city of Arbil, with no casualties to Iraqi forces.

Iranian state TV claims in its report that the missile attack killed 80 'US terrorists' and that no missiles were stopped.




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