The Sindh High Court stayed the removal of IGP Kaleem Imam

The Sindh High Court stayed the removal of IGP Kaleem Imam

The Sindh High Court stayed the removal of Inspector General of Police (IGP) Kaleem Imam until the federal government responded.

The court heard the petition of social activist Jibran Nasir on the change of IG Sindh Kaleem Imam, during which the petitioner's lawyer Faisal Siddiqui appeared as an advocate and argued on the matter.

The petitioner's lawyer said that the court had already suspended the orders to depose the first two officers, while now the provincial government has written a letter to change IG Sindh.

The Sindh government has said that the IG has been suspended and the new IG has been appointed, but the provincial and federal governments can change the IG only after consultation with each other, the lawyer said.

The petitioner's lawyer said that the provincial cabinet unanimously decided that IG Sindh had written a letter to the federal government to hand over the services.

During the hearing, the lawyer further stated that the Sindh government's letter did not mention the consultation between the federal and provincial government, adding that the federal government refused to approve the Sindh government's request.

He said that the federation said that unless a decision was made regarding the cleric Imam, the charge could not be given to any other officer while there was no consultation between the province and the federation on the matter.

Following the lawyer's arguments during the hearing, Additional Advocate General Sindh Shabbir Shah said that the Sindh government had given directions through telephone but it was a matter of public interest.

Justice Muhammad Ali Mazhar remarked on this that no reply has been made by the federal government to Sindh government yet.

The court remarked that the Sindh High Court has already ruled that the IG will change after consultation with the province and the federal.

The apex court remarked that the term of IG Sindh in the law is 3 years. The performance of IG in the provincial cabinet has also been discussed. The appointment of new IG should be done in accordance with the law.

It is pertinent to mention that Dr Kaleem Imam was appointed Inspector General of Sindh Province in September 2018.

The court remarked that the Sindh government's response to the letter of IG conversion has not been received so far, unless the Establishment Division responds, Kalam Imam will remain IG Sindh.

The Sindh High Court said that if the federal response comes in the evening, be informed but IG Sindh should not be removed until the federal response is reached.

Later, the court adjourned the hearing till January 28.


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