The Saudi Actor Won the Best Actor Award at the Cairo Film Festival

The Saudi Actor Won the Best Actor Award at the Cairo Film Festival

Saudi actor Faisal al-Dukhi won the Best Actor award at the Cairo International Film Festival in Egypt.

He received the award for his performance in the first Saudi film to attend the film festival. According to Arab News, the film 'The Tambour of Retribution', produced by Saudi director Abdulaziz Al-Shahi, won the Special Jury Prize at the Cairo International Film Festival, while its lead actor was also awarded Best Actor. Saudi actor Faisal Al-Dukhi started his career in 2016 and has acted in many famous films including 'Wasati' in 2016 and 'Black Sand' in 2018.

The story of his film 'The Tambour of Retribution' revolves around the son of an executioner in the 1990s who falls in love with the daughter of a man who entertains people with his singing at weddings. The film raises the question of which of the world of entertainment and death will sacrifice its dreams to make the world a better place to live.

Another Saudi filmmaker, Sarah Mesfer's film The Girls Who Burned the Night, was also screened at the same film festival. The film shows two 13-year-old sisters preparing for a wedding party and experiencing many unexpected things after deciding to go shopping. In addition, two actresses were given the Best Actress award at the film festival, out of which Elham Shaheen of Egypt was given the film Curfew and Natalia Pauline Kova was given the award for acting at the conference.

The best non-fiction film award went to the Lebanese film VR from Deer. At the same time, some films were awarded various cash prizes at the Cairo International Film Festival. It may be recalled that more than 90 films from 40 countries were screened at the Cairo International Film Festival, of which 20 films also had international premieres.

It should be noted that Cairo International Film Festival is one of the 15 festivals that have been included in the 'A' category by the International Federation of Film Producers Associations (FIAPF). The Cairo Film Festival is the oldest and internationally recognized cultural feature film festival in the Arab world, Africa and the Middle East.


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