The provincial governments are responsible for the inflation

The provincial governments are responsible for the inflation

ISLAMABAD: Recognizing the rise in prices of commodities, the National Prize Monitoring Committee (NPMC) has declared the provincial governments responsible for the current price hike and has asked them to accept the responsibility.

The committee, headed by Secretary Finance Naveed Kamran Baloch, observed that the rise in prices of commodities in the market was causing unrest among the people. This was the second consecutive meeting on pricing in the finance division.

Naveed Kamran Baloch told the meeting that 'it is important to remember that after the deviation, the task of controlling prices falls under the jurisdiction of the provinces'.

"Provinces should accept this responsibility and strive to appease the people," he said.

The meeting was attended by senior representatives of provincial governments, Islamabad Capital Territory Administration, Pakistan Institute of Statistics, Ministry of Commerce and Food Security, Utility Stores Corporation, Customs and Cabinet Division.

In a government statement issued after the meeting, the statement quoting the secretary finance said that local governments should be prepared to take additional measures during Ramadan to protect the public from the price hike.

"If the federal government needs any help, it will be ready to help," he said.

According to the decisions made in the meeting, the provinces will have to provide information on what they think will be more expensive than the required items, and how the federal government can help them cope with the shortage of goods. And other provincial administrations will also guide how a network of savings markets can help reduce the pressure on the general public.

Provinces were asked to examine stockpiling at all levels and at every stage, and take necessary action under the law against losers and stockists, and local government heads should ensure the display of price lists at stores. ۔

The meeting said that smuggling of goods should be strictly tackled.

As far as the federal government is concerned, the finance secretary said the issue was being looked at very seriously as the prime minister was particularly interested in reducing the burden on the common man, which was rising due to price increases.

He said that the prime minister talks to the provincial chief secretaries twice a week to ensure speedy action.

According to Naveed Kamran Baloch, the federal government has also given a subsidy of Rs 15 billion to the Utility Stores Corporation and it is considering a proposal to open more stores in different parts of the country.

The federal government is also taking steps to curb smuggling of food items, the Ministry is developing national food security and research proposals that will be approved by the Economic Coordination Committee and help alleviate food shortages. Will get

The Finance Minister said that all these people would be held accountable, due to the increase in prices, they are not taking appropriate action keeping in view the concerns of the common people as the government is concerned for the welfare of the people.

The committee also decided to hold a follow-up meeting next week.

Data on the Consumer Price Index (CPI) and the Sensitive Price Index (SPI) were presented by the Financial Advisor's Wing with the input of the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, which noted that in the same period last year. In January, inflation was up about 14.6 percent compared to the period, and one notable factor is that the SPI has seen a trend in the past 5 weeks.


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