The proposal to amend the Russian President's constitution

The proposal to amend the Russian President's constitution

Posted on Jan 16, 2020

The Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev and his cabinet resigned after Russian President Vladimir Putin proposed amendments to the constitution to uphold his power.

According to foreign news agency AP, Dmitry Medvedev said in a statement on TV that he was resigning in light of the president's proposed changes to the government.

Vladimir Putin accepted the Prime Minister's resignation, thanked him for his services and appointed him Vice President of the Presidential Security Council.

Earlier, while addressing the nation, the Russian president proposed amending the constitution that would allow lawmakers to appoint prime ministers and cabinet members.

At this time, the Russian president has the authority to make these appointments.

Vladimir Putin told top government officials and lawmakers that 'this will increase the role of parliament and parliamentary parties, the powers and freedoms of the prime minister and cabinet.'

But on the same occasion, he also said that Russia would not be stable if the government was run under a parliamentary system, so the president of the country would have the option of dismissing the prime minister and ministers, appointing top defence and security officials. They should also be in charge of the Russian military and law enforcement.

The Russian President stressed that there should be a national level voting on amendments to the constitution.

It should be noted that the 67-year-old Vladimir Putin's presidency will be completed in 2024, he has been in power for more than 20 years, the longest being the head of Russia or the Soviet Union after Joseph Stalin.

According to the existing law of the country, he will have to step down after the completion of this term of presidency, as per the law, any person can remain the President of the country for two consecutive terms.

Political analyst Kerril Rogov said Vladimir Putin's proposals assessed his intention to remain in charge, while proposals would be divided into other branches of government.


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