The politics of time and the politics of time

The politics of time and the politics of time

When a politician says 'this is not the time to do politics', then understand that the poet wants to say in this poem that this is the time to do politics.

This phrase comes to the lips of politicians when bad times come upon the nation, so the critical situation of the country and the bad times of the nation never end but the real bad time is when the rulers are seen performing public duties, like crying. And join hands.

There is also a difference between the crying of the people and the rulers. The people cry with their faces covered in pillows and the rulers lean on the camera to cry, then when they see them crying in the video, the people understand that brother! Now there is panic, and they too burst into tears.

There are two types of videos that are very popular in the country. One is the one in which the tears of the rulers are seen and the other is the ones which make the rulers shed tears and even sweat.

However, the ruling party and the opposition now agree that the nation is having a bad time. That is, according to politicians, this is not the time for politics. So these days everything is happening except politics.

Politicians have a chance because they don't do politics. Now, obviously, the tolerant and serious politicians were so busy in their pursuits of boys, hair, and children that Chaudhry Shujaat and Pervez Elahi sat face to face at home and shook hands with each other. 'Start playing.

Or Sheikh Rashid, Shehryar Afridi, Firdous Ashiq Awan, Shirin Mazari, and Faisal Wawda are holding each other's feet and driving 'Rail Gaddi'.

Either Bilawal Bhutto can be found playing 'Chadia Uri' with his teammates, or Shahbaz Sharif can be found playing hide and seek with his teammates Khaqan Abbasi and Rana Sanaullah and entertain Maulana Fazlur Rehman by jumping rope.

So these days politics is a hobby of constructive, critical, and pictorial aid. This constructive critique relates to "construction is a form of malfunction". Let us say here that we have only two types of criticism, constructive criticism, and literary criticism. All destructive and disciplinary criticism is made in his name.

As far as photo support is concerned, this picture is actually a memorable picture of the need for a bag between 2 needy people and an opportunity to fulfill the need for a picture. becomes.

By the way, we do not agree with the opinion that there is a time for politics. A successful politician is one who is always engaged in politics. Who knows how to value time more than politicians. Many politicians respect to time as much as they respect their parents, so they are affectionately called Ibn al-Waqt.

However, when bad times come to politicians instead of the nation, their time is limited to meeting times in jail. Then they eat the sweet fruit of patience and drink sehri in anger and fast in silence and wait for the time of iftar.

What do they do to get out of jail and time imprisonment? Finally, take the overseas route to change the time zone. As soon as they think or are told that Mian! Your 'interests' want time for politics, they are happy to know the time of flights for repatriation.

It is well known about politics that it is a game of all time but in our country, even those who spend all their time in sports win in politics. It is a different matter that they do not play with temptations, they play with the orders of the moon and play openly.

Although we see our gold, the cries of women, the earnings of policemen and businessmen, the coming of breaking news, the feasting of wives, the feasting of happy food, the recitation of poems by poets, the fighting of anchors, political leaders, capitalists, government officials. And in the world of showbiz, there is no time to make money for elected representatives and marriage, just as there is always a bad time to try political tactics.

But what do we think? If the big politicians are saying that this is not the time for politics, then we have to accept them. All they are asked to do is announce as soon as the time for politics begins, "O political man, wake up, now is the time for politics."




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