The patient was burned to death during the operation

The patient was burned to death during the operation

Posted on Dec 31, 2019

Generally, no patient is operated with a device or technique that is likely to cause the patient to become irritated.

However, a female patient in southeast Romania was engulfed in flames while doctors were performing her surgery. The fire burned 40 percent of the woman's body, causing her to die during surgery.

According to the British news agency BBC, a cancer hospital was being operated by doctors in a Romania hospital during which the patient was engulfed in flames.

According to the report, doctors used alcohol on the patient's body during surgery and later started operation with an electric device.

According to the report, 40% of the patient's body was burned out due to the flames, and during that treatment, he died after a week.

There have been protests against doctors across the country after reports of the incident took to the media, while people have been expressing their anger over social media.

Surprisingly, the family of the affected patient did not know that their patient was burned out by the fire during surgery.

According to the patient's family, they learned through media reports that their patient was burned out by the fire.

The government ordered an inquiry into the protests following the incident that took place after the fire broke out during the surgery.

It is to be noted that Romania is one of the countries in southeastern Europe where health care is very poor and the newborn mortality rate is highest in the region.

Other treatment facilities in Romania are poor, as doctors and paramedical staff are also lacking.




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