The Norwegian People Came out in Support of the Muslims

The Norwegian People Came out in Support of the Muslims

The sentiment for Muslims has increased in the area of one lakh population and locals have tried to defy the Koran despite repeated warnings by police officials at an anti-Islam rally in the Christian region of Christian Sand. Condemning hate crime.

The incident took place on November 16 when an unnamed right-wing extremist organization, Stop Islamization of Norway (sian) performed in Christian Sand, during which they tried to burn down the Holy Quran.

Christian Sandeep's youth can be seen holding a playing card during an anti-Islamic protest in Xi'an November 16, which wrote that there would be no racism on our streets Videos of the incident circulating on social media showed that when sian leader Lars Thorson was trying to fire the Koran, Palestinian teenager Kassi Rashid, a Norwegian, crossed the barriers and kicked the sian leader. However, police intervened and arrested Rashid along with Lars Thorson.

Earlier this year, the district court in the Norwegian capital Oslo also imposed 30 days in jail and 20,000 kroner (about Rs. 393,000 Pakistani rupees) under Section 185 of the Criminal Code for hating Lars Thorsen. He was arrested on July 20, 2018, in Oslo while distributing pamphlets of sian in which Muslims were targeted.

'We will take sian to court'

Meanwhile, Christian Sandal's leader of the Christian Sand, Akmal Ali, says his organization will take sian leader Arne Toomer to court for holding a November 16 demonstration and defaming a religious book. Akmal Ali - Leader of the Christian Community of Christian Sand .It was a hate crime committed by Arne Toomer, he verbally attacked Muslims and violated police instructions," he said.

At the same time, he said, "Despite clear instructions from the police not to allow anyone to possess firearms, they did not comply, a violation which is a punishable offense in Norwegian laws". It should be noted that before the demonstration, Christian Sand's police had told Xi'an leaders that they would not allow the Koran to be set on fire during the demonstration.

What happened that day?

At the demonstration, when Arne Toomer created a provocative atmosphere and tried to defame the Quran, he said that police had prevented Xi'an from burning it on which Lars Thorson tried to burn the sacred book. Christian community expresses solidarity with Muslims outside the local mosque after Friday prayer.
Immediately after Lars Thorson's move, a few Muslims watching the scene broke the police barriers. 

Five Muslims were taken to the police station for 'making fun of the rumors, not following the police orders', but were later released, while one of the five youths, Omar Daba, was accused of torturing a police officer by 14,000. The crooner (about Rs. 373,000 Pakistani rupees) was fined.
According to Cristian Sand's Muslim community, all Muslims arrested were from Syria and Palestine.

Police also arrested Lars Thorson after the incident and an investigation were launched against him not following the directions of law enforcement agencies. After the incident, the Muslim community began to receive the support of the Norwegian people.

The mayor of Christian Sand condemned the incident and expressed solidarity with the city's Muslim community. Talal Omar, a senior leader of the Christian Union of Christian Sand.

"Christian Sand is the city of all and we walk in discipline so that the balance is maintained, such crimes are outrageous and regrettable," Mayor Harold Forte told the Norwegian National Broadcasting Agency, NRK.

He said 'there was outrage under a scheme on November 16, fortunately, the police intervened immediately'. After the incident, the local Christian community stood in solidarity with Muslims outside a mosque set up in Christian Sand on Friday.

"A large number of people have supported the Muslim community in the area, including politicians, Christian leaders, and ordinary citizens, who have contacted the local Muslim population," said Talal Omar, a senior leader of the Christian Union of Christian Sand. The Norwegian of Badia is standing with them. 

He said that sian is not the real picture of Norway, such people are few and the rest of Norway's Christian and other communities are with us'.



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