The murders that led to misrepresentation and shaking hands!

The murders that led to misrepresentation and shaking hands!

The murders that led to misrepresentation and shaking hands!

While working in the fields of poppies and marijuana, a young Mexican cowboy named Guzman found a way to trade drugs and then crossed all limits to become the crowning king of the world of crime.

Mexico is still notorious for drugs and trafficking. After launching a drug business on this earth, the race to prove itself a "drug lord" begins with the help of its wealth, reckless use of weapons and criminals, resulting more than 34,000 people were killed in Mexico in 2019. According to official statistics, 95 people died daily and the government could not do anything.

"El Chapo" is the title that makes Guzman the "greatest" and "most distinguished" in this dark world.

After the arrest of this drug lord, a case went to court and stories of brutality and violence also came out. Here we are briefly describing two incidents of murder that were caused by minor misdemeanours and errors.

El Chapo put his own relative to death on a simple lie, or misrepresentation of himself.

During court proceedings, it was revealed that once El Chapo approached his cousin for work, he said he was going out of town, but he was later seen in a park in the inner city.

Cousin's lie made his cousin so deep that it made a mark for others. El Chapo ordered the murder of his cousin found lying after investigating the case. The cousin was accompanied by his secretary and he was also killed.

The drug lord told colleagues after the murder that anyone who cheated on him would be killed, whether he was a close relative and a man or woman.

El Chapo also pushed a member of the opposition group to death, because of not shaking hands.

The court revealed that another notorious drug gang sent one of its key members to El Chapo for reconciliation. After the conversation, an opponent named Rudolph did not handshake with Guzman El Chapo.
Eyewitnesses said after Rudolph returned to the negotiations, Guzman El Chapo told him, "We will meet again my friend and handshake, but he ignored or maybe he could not see his hand. Whatever the case, Guzman considered it an insult, and soon both Rudolph and his wife were shot.

Guzman El Chapo is Northern Mexico's largest and most powerful drug dealer, with businesses spread across several countries, including the United States. During the trial against Guzman, fifty witnesses described the brutal and violent cases in court.


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