The most important bill to meet FATF conditions passed in the National Assembly

The most important bill to meet FATF conditions passed in the National Assembly

ISLAMABAD: The National Assembly has passed the most important bill to exchange information and criminals with other countries to meet the requirements of the Financial Action Task Force (FATA).
 According to the report, the opposition parties initially challenged Speaker Assad Qaiser's rolling off the oral vote given to the Minister for Parliamentary Affairs and tried to block the passage of the bill, but later turned 83 against 87. Got votes and suffered defeat.

After that 4 minor amendments were made to the bill and 2 of them were added to the bill.

As soon as the meeting came to the floor to introduce the Mutual Legal Assistance Bill 2019, Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) leader Syed Naveed Qamar claimed the bill was a violation of basic rights of Pakistani citizens. That the government would seek information from other countries and hand over to their citizens without compromise on their demand.

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Naveed Qamar further said that other countries do not comply with the request of the Pakistani government to hand over the required accused because there is the impression that the cases in Pakistan are made on a political basis.

He added that the bill would give the Federal Secretary of Interior the "right of asylum" to obtain any citizen's foreign bank accounts and transaction information.

The PML-N parliamentary's view in this regard was that the passage of this bill would compromise national integrity.

He alleged that the international financial institutions were trying to colonize countries like Pakistan, which depend on them economically, while opposing the bill, saying that 'to meet someone's deadline. So do not hurry, but first discuss the matter. '

Minister for Parliamentary Affairs, as well as Minister for Development and Planning Asad Omar and Minister for Science and Technology Fawad Chaudhry, defended the bill, criticizing the opposition that it was obstructing unnecessary obstacles in the way of crucial legislation.

Under the aforementioned law, the government may request a country to look into the provisions, documents and evidence attached to the location and identity of the perpetrators, criminals, suspects and witnesses.

In addition, the government may obtain search warrants and other legal avenues for investigating proceedings or investigations in Pakistan or finding relevant evidence in connection with matters under domestic law.

In addition, through this bill, the government may, through legal proceedings, freeze or seize any property that relates to a legal proceeding or investigation conducted in that country.

Through this bill, the country which has agreed to cooperate with Pakistan will transfer its custody in connection with any investigation or proceeding relating to any person in it.


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