The Ministry of Energy stopped importing petrol into the country

The Ministry of Energy stopped importing petrol into the country

Posted on Mar 27, 2020

KARACHI: The Energy Ministry has directed all oil marketing companies (OMCs) to stop importing petrol due to a drop in demand due to a nationwide lockdown.

The instructions sent by the Director-General Oil to the Oil Company Advisory Council stated that "since OMCs have a satisfactory reserve of the industry, all OMCs are requested to (April 2020) from their Stop the imports and increase the refineries 'portions so that refinery operations continue to a reasonable level'.

The instructions also stated that 'further, all OMCs are instructed to update or finalize their trade agreements with local refineries to store the required products.

In addition, refineries were also instructed to "stop importing their crude oil".

On the other hand, the same day, Director General Oil issued separate directives and declared petroleum products and related functions as 'essential services'.

"Accordingly, it is necessary for all refineries and oil marketing companies operating in the country, their subcontractors, personnel, equipment, and vehicles to move and other functions," the instructions said.

These instructions include Parco, IRL, NRL, Biko, PSO, Shell, Total Parco, Attock Petroleum, Hesco, B Energy, Gas & Oil, whose supply chain is without interruption. Must continue.

Imports of Chemicals

On the other hand, the Department of Commerce approved the import of chemicals needed for hygiene.

In this regard, 2 notifications were issued for amending Appendix B of the Import Policy Order 2016.

According to SRO 257, commercial imports of acetone, anthranilic acid, ether, hydrochloric acid, and sulfuric acid were allowed.

Similarly, under SRO 258, the condition for sticking stickers on imported food items was removed by May 1, 2020.

However, to verify the clearance of these goods, it is necessary to obtain a halal certificate from a nationally recognized institution.


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