The love of the Gulf countries for India began to break

The love of the Gulf countries for India began to break

Posted on Apr 22, 2020

Islamabad: Saudi Arabia, The United Arab Emirates and other Gulf countries' love affair with India seems to be shattered by Hindutva prejudice.- Hindus' prejudice with Muslims on Corona Voice has opened the eyes of Saudi Arabia and the Emirates.


It should be noted that in August last year, the United Arab Emirates had invited Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to its country's highest civilian award. Pakistan had quietly protested and believed that the Modi government was humanitarian in occupied Kashmir. Involved in human rights violations. Despite its long-standing strategic relationship with Pakistan, the UAE government did not take the protest seriously. Such was the case in Saudi Arabia when Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman visited India last year after completing his visit to Pakistan. There he called Narendra Modi his elder brother.


The Gulf countries had economic interests behind these affections; India too cleverly promoted its interests in the Gulf. Now when the Corona pandemic has spread, extremist Hindus in India are openly attributing it to Muslims, which also includes the blood vessels of the Gulf countries. Apart from India, some Hindus working in the Gulf have started targeting social Muslims in the context of Corona, while Saudi Arabia and UAE have also come to understand Indian prejudice. Along with extremist Hindus of India. Some politicians of the ruling party are also engaged in insulting Muslims But Hindal Qasimi, a member of the UAE's royal family, has criticized India and strongly condemned Indian extremist Sorbh Upadhyay's toxic remarks on Islamophobia.




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