The loss of $ 29 billion a year due to unused water

The loss of $ 29 billion a year due to unused water

Posted on Jan 17, 2020

Islamabad: Pakistan's economic loss of $ 29 billion a year is due to the depletion of unused river water due to lack of capacity for reservoirs.

 According to the report, Rao Irshad Ali Khan, a member of the Indus River System Authority (Arsa) Punjab in the Senate's Standing Committee on Water Resources, headed by Senator Mohammad Yousuf, said, "If we do not build a dam, we and our generation will die hungry. '

The committee ordered the completion of the contracting phase by June and the immediate appointment of Arsa Member from Balochistan to install telemetry system for accurate assessment of water flow information.

Senators expressed their condolences on the absence of Federal Minister for Water Resources Faisal Vawda at the meeting.

Senator Mohammed Yusuf said, "It is unfortunate that Faisal Vawda has plenty of time to go to talk shows and show jokes by showing the boots of state institutions but do not have time to attend a meeting of his standing committee on ministry.

Arshad Khan told the committee that about one million acre-feet of water are irrigated to 4 million acres and the cost of one million acre-feet is about $ 1 billion.

He said that 20 million acre-feet of water are released annually from Kotri, which is the last structure in the regulation of water in the Indus and has since moved to the Arabian Sea.




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