The Last Video of the Indian Actor Rahul Vohra

The Last Video of the Indian Actor Rahul Vohra

The last video made before the death of Indian actor and social media star Rahul Vohra, who died of coronavirus on May 9, has come to light. Before his death, Rahul Vohra had said in his last post on Facebook on May 8 that he was dying due to lack of proper treatment. Introducing himself in his last post, he said that he was undergoing treatment on the sixth floor of Rajiv Gandhi Super Specialty Hospital in the capital New Delhi but now he has given up and is about to die.

Rahul Vohra died a few hours after the post, allegedly due to negligence on the part of the hospital staff. Rahul Vohra, who had been undergoing treatment at the hospital for the past five days, had also sought help in his Facebook post on May 4, complaining that good treatment was not available at the hospital. He had said in the post that he was not being provided oxygen properly in the hospital, so he should be told about a hospital where there is a bed with oxygen.

He was also suggested by several people to go to a Sikh shrine, but he remained in a Delhi hospital until his death. After his death on May 9, his widow and actress Jyoti Towari shared the last video he made on social media, which shocked many. Sharing the last video of her late husband, Jyoti Towari wrote that everyone knows that Rahul has left but no one knows how he left. She wrote that Rahul died due to the negligence of Vohra Hospital. She expressed hope that her husband would get justice and no one else would die like Rahul.

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Rahul Vohra's last video is one and a half minutes long, in which he can be seen in a hospital bed with an oxygen mask. In the video, he is seen explaining that the oxygen mask he has been given is not getting oxygen at all and the staff is not coming even after calling. In the video, Rahul Vohra can be seen not being able to speak properly due to respiratory problems, as well as the condition of his face and eyes, which suggest that he was experiencing severe breathing difficulties.

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As soon as the last video made before Rahul Vohra's death came out, it went viral on social media and many people criticized the Modi government. Most of the people said that Rahul Vohra died not from Corona but due to the negligence of the administration and poor health system. Apart from Rahul Vohra, many young people are also dying due to a lack of oxygen. India is currently facing a severe shortage of oxygen and other medical equipment and supplies and there are no hospital beds left.

In the last two weeks, 2,000 to 3,000 deaths have been reported daily in India, while three to four lakh new cases are being reported daily. At present, the number of Corona victims in India is more than 20 million, while the death toll has risen to more than 200,000, including young people.


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