The Indian state of Tamil Nadu built walls on the border to protect from coronavirus

The Indian state of Tamil Nadu built walls on the border to protect from coronavirus

Posted on Apr 28, 2020

Dozens of countries around the world have partial or severe lockdowns to protect against the coronavirus, including India, the world's second-largest country by population, which has been under lockdown for the past month.

Despite the imposition of lockdowns and driving bans in India, driving by people is complicating matters and the government has directed the police to take stern action against violators.

However, the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu went one step further during the lockdown and built walls along the border to prevent people from moving from one state to another.

Yes, the Indian state of Tamil Nadu built 7 feet high walls on its border with another state.

According to the Indian newspaper India Today, the Tamil Nadu government has closed two roads in its district of Chhattisgarh, bordering the nearby state of Andhra Pradesh.

There are access roads between Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu at two places in Chhattisgarh district and the state government has built 7 feet long walls on the road.

According to the state government, the purpose of constructing walls on the border is to stop the movement of vehicles in both states, as the movement of vehicles is causing human movement.

Other southern Indian states, including Tamil Nadu, have severe lockdowns and closed public transport.

All forms of public transport have been banned by the central government of India and the movement of people has been banned. However, there have been reports of large-scale human trafficking in India by private vehicles. 

However, the construction of walls on the border by the Tamil Nadu government was causing some problems and the government's decision was widely criticized.

The construction of walls on the border not only stopped the movement of all kinds of vehicles, but also the movement of ambulances and goods transport and created many problems.

Administration orders demolition of ambulances after severe difficulties in moving ambulances from Tamil Nadu to Andhra Pradesh


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