The Indian firing on the LOC in 2019 killed 59 civilians

The Indian firing on the LOC in 2019 killed 59 civilians

Posted on Jan 1, 2020

The Indian firing on the LoC in 2019 killed 59 civilians. Muzaffarabad: In 2019, 59 people, including women and children, were killed and 200 were injured as a result of ceasefire violations by the Indian Army on the Line of Control (LoC).

The Azad Kashmir Department of Disaster Management and Civil Defense Secretary Syed Shahid Mahi-ud-Din Qadri told Dawn that the dead were 43 men while 16 were women, as well as the injured, were 571 men and the rest women.

Stating the number of casualties in the district, he said that 13 people were killed in Kotli, 12 in Neelam, 11 Haveli, Muzaffarabad, 8 in Poonch, 4 in Bhimber and 3 in Jhelum Valley.

Similarly, 61 of the injured were from Kotli, 52 from Sapphire, 51 from Poonch, 49 from Haveli, 29 from Bhimber, 20 from Muzaffarabad and 19 from the Jhelum Valley.

The shelling also destroyed civilian buildings, including houses, shops, vehicles, besides the government buildings, the official said.

Explaining the details, he said that 105 houses were destroyed in which 69 in Neelam district, 11 in Jhelum, 9 in Haveli, 8 in Kotli and 4, 4 houses were destroyed in Muzaffarabad and Poonch.

In addition, 622 houses were partially damaged, including 226 houses in district Neelam, 117 Poonch, 94 Kotli, 90 Haveli, 63 Bhimber, 31 Jhelum Valley and one house in Muzaffarabad.

Apart from houses, 74 shops were destroyed in Neelum District, 7 in Kotli and Jhelum Valley, and one each in Poonch District.

He further said that 15 vehicles from Indian shelling, 2 motorcycles were destroyed in Neelam district, 7 vehicles in Poonch, 4 Bhimber, 2 Kotli and one mansion.

In addition, the district headquarters hospital in Neelam district suffered damage to 3 head and 3 schools, a college in Poonch and a primary health center, 2 schools in Kotli and 8 cattle fences, a school in Bhimber and 3 cattle fences in Muzaffarabad. ۔

In addition, a mosque in the Jhelum Valley was also partially damaged.

The official added that not only human and property were harmed but 106 cattle were also killed in Neelam, Muzaffarabad, Poonch, Haveli, Kotli and Bhimber.

On the other hand, Prime Minister of Azad Kashmir Raja Farooq Haider lauded the residents of the Line of Control for their difficulties in facing ceasefire on the Line of Control

In a statement, he said that India used its fighting force on unarmed Kashmiris on both sides to obtain satisfaction from the civilian casualties.

This situation demands the immediate attention of the United Nations and the global community.



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