The Indian Air Force Got Entangled With Netflix on the Movie Scene

The Indian Air Force Got Entangled With Netflix on the Movie Scene

The Indian Air Force has demanded streaming website Netflix to remove abusive scenes from the soon-to-be-released black comedy thriller AK Versus AK in Indian Air Force (IAF) uniforms. According to the news agency Reuters, the Indian Air Force expressed anger over the release of the trailer of the movie 'Netflix' two days ago and demanded the removal of abusive scenes from the streaming website.

Netflix and Anil Kapoor were also mentioned while tweeting the trailer of the film on the Twitter handle of the media wing of the Indian Air Force and both were told that the language of Galum Gluch shown in the film does not translate to the Indian Air Force. Scenes should be removed from the movie. The Indian Air Force retweeted a short video of the film, which was tweeted by Anil Kapoor two days ago.

In a short video shared by Anil Kapoor on Twitter, he can be seen dressed in an Indian Air Force uniform. In the released scenes of the film, it can be seen that Anil Kapoor is wearing an Indian Air Force uniform. In the film scenes, Anil Kapoor is seen talking to filmmaker and actor Anurag Kashyap and at the same time, he also abuses the filmmaker.

The Indian Air Force was furious when the scenes were tweeted and apologized to Anil Kapoor and the management of Netflix India. Netflix India's management apologized for the Indian Air Force's response, explaining that the film crew did not deliberately abuse the role of the Air Force in the film. Netflix India's management has apologized for the abusive scenes in Indian Air Force uniforms and said that the management of the streaming website respects and acknowledges the services of other Indian forces, including the Air Force.

However, Netflix management did not comment on whether or not to remove the Galum Gluch scenes. On the other hand, Anil Kapoor also released a video on Twitter apologizing to the Indian Air Force for the scenes in which he was wearing a uniform.

In his short video, Anil Kapoor praised the Indian Air Force and acknowledged their sacrifices, explaining that he was actually playing the role of an Air Force officer in the film, whose daughter was abducted. Anil Kapoor said that his role in the film also gives some insults in the madness after the abduction of his daughter, however, he did not deliberately use foul language while wearing the Air Force uniform. He apologized for abusing the Indian Air Force uniform.

The video of the scenes of the film which Anil Kapoor shared in his tweet, will be released on Netflix on December 24 this month. Anil Kapoor and Anurag Kashyap have played the lead roles in the black comedy thriller 'AK Versus AK' and looking at the trailer, it seems that while acting and acting funny in the film, Anil Kapoor's daughter was actually abducted. And then even the police can't believe that their daughter has been abducted.

The trailer of the film also features highlights of Anil Kapoor's brother filmmaker Bonnie Kapoor and his daughter Sonam Kapoor. The trailer shows Anil Kapoor in the role of Indian Air Force not only abusing but also kneeling in front of criminals including the police and begging for help.


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