The House Shown in 'Parizaad' Drama Is Offered for Sale for Rs 60 Crore

The House Shown in 'Parizaad' Drama Is Offered for Sale for Rs 60 Crore

The majestic house used by the protagonist of the most popular drama 'Parizaad' was offered for sale for just Rs 60 crore.

Although each character and family is shown in a separate house in the play 'Parizaad', after the main character of the play 'Parizaad' became rich, the real owners of the house in their use put it up for sale.

The house offered for sale is said to have been owned by its owner, Noman Ijaz before the 'Parizaad' became rich in the drama.

The magnificent house shown in the play has a total of 14 bedrooms, four of which are being used as bedrooms on the first floor.

The magnificent house is built on an area of ​​6,000 square yards and is built on 38,000 square feet. The house is in the Gulberg area of ​​the federal capital Islamabad, where other similar houses are located.

The basement of the house has parking, four staff quarters, three lounges, two bad kitchens, two clean kitchens, a drawing-room, six adjoining bathrooms and a separate room for a female employee.

On the ground floor of the house, there are four car parking, four bedrooms, a large drawing room, dining hall, buffet kitchen, bad kitchen, two lounges, guard room, sitting area and a large office.

The first floor of the luxurious house also has four bedrooms, a lounge and dining hall, kitchen, sitting area, office and a storeroom.

The house shown in 'Parizaad' is fully air-conditioned but an AC system is not installed in many parts of the house yet, so the immediate value of the house can be as high as Rs 575 million.

The owner of the luxurious house is Usman Zafar Cheema who is living abroad and he can give the house in its present condition at a price of Rs. 575 million.


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