The highest number of deaths due to Coronavirus worldwide in Italy

The highest number of deaths due to Coronavirus worldwide in Italy

Posted on Mar 20, 2020

The Coronavirus has the highest number of deaths worldwide in Italy, and after 427 more deaths on Thursday, the number of covid-19 deaths in Italy has increased to 3,245.

However, the figures provided by China show skepticism as to the virus infected more than 80,000 people in China as a whole, while the death toll from Italy's has exceeded 3400.

The lockdown was started in Italy on March 12, which was supposed to expire on March 25, but now the lockdown has been extended indefinitely.

According to the French news agency AFP, the complete lockdown has hit Italy's economy severely and is the biggest economic loss to Italy since World War II, with every passing day inevitable. Compensation losses are occurring.

Despite persistent efforts by the government, the virus did not fail to stop in Italy, and after four and a half thousand new cases, it was confirmed Thursday that there were another 5,000 cases.

To prevent the spread of the virus, every burial process is taking 30 minutes, and people covered in white cloth from head to toe are doing so.

Italian broadcasters say the number of medical personnel who died of the virus has risen to 13 after two doctors died Thursday in the vicinity of the city of Bergamo, considered a virus stronghold in Italy.

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said in his message to the people that they should exercise caution, using their intellect, we are not taking anything light and trying their best to imagine the best situation.

The Prime Minister of Italy has the support of the public at Lockdown nationwide, and in a survey, 47% described all kinds of closures, including business, school, and university, while 47% said it was 'excessively positive'. 

However, according to the announcement, the lockdown is to end next Thursday, but the Prime Minister said that it is inevitable to take urgent measures in the current situation and that after his statement, it is expected that the lockdown will be extended.

The restrictions on lockdown in Italy can be gauged from the fact that those who are seen walking out of the house unnecessarily are being fined 206 euros, which is being directed to the public by the police. That they should be confined to homes.

The Prime Minister of Italy has announced a relief package of 25 billion euros to help businesses affected by the lockdown.

It should be noted that tourism has a huge role in the economy of Italy, but due to the lockdown, the closure of tourism has caused the sector the biggest blow and tourism has reached the lowest level in Italy since the 1960s. ۔

It is clear that this devastating virus is leading to worldwide casualties and so far more than 9,000 people have been killed and over 222,000 affected worldwide.


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