The Higher Education Commission opposes the restoration of student unions

The Higher Education Commission opposes the restoration of student unions

Posted on Jan 27, 2020

The Higher Education Commission (HEC) opposed the restoration of the student union in the educational institutions despite the approval of the resolution by the upper house and the demands made by the students.

The HEC document found that the Commission does not support the restoration of the student union, but proposes 'healthy activities', such as poetry, debates, music and sports, to student organizations.

On the other hand, Tooba Syed, who joined the Students Solidarity March in Islamabad in November 2019, says that HEC's proposed activities are already in place.

"We want rehabilitation of student unions so that the problems faced by the students in the campus will be resolved," She said.

She said that the students of this country need student politics which guarantees them the rights of the students on campus and the right of political expression and dissent.

She said the ban on student unions was to make the country's youth unprofessional so that there was no opinion on decision-making at the university or national level.

"We demand the right of student politics, which is really representative of the voices of the students and the problems in the camps," She said.

Tooba Syed further said that students have a historical role in the development and development of any country and removing them from it is unconstitutional.

It may be recalled that Prime Minister Imran Khan also expressed his full support for the student union across the country last year.

In one of his tweets, he said, "We will adopt a comprehensive and workable code of conduct, utilizing the best system in the forefront of the world, so that we can move them towards the future of student unions." To be able to play a positive role in the leadership process. '


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