The first case of the Corona virus in New Zealand

The first case of the Corona virus in New Zealand

The first case of the Corona virus in New Zealand

Auckland: The outbreak of the deadly Corona virus is ongoing around the world, the first Corona virus case has been also confirmed in New Zealand, and two cases of Corona have been also reported in Indonesia.

According to foreign media, the man arrived in Auckland, New Zealand, from Iran, where a few days later he was confirmed with the Corona virus.

The 15 people sitting near the aforementioned person on the trip have isolated themselves after contact and instructions from the authorities, most of them belonging to Auckland while 2 people are from South Island.

New Zealand has issued travel instructions for people coming from South Korea and Italy, while those coming from Iran and China have been temporarily banned from entering New Zealand.

On the other hand, two women in Indonesia have also been confirmed with the Corona virus, these are the first cases of Corona virus occurring in Indonesia.

It may be recalled that in China, 202 more cases of the Corona virus were reported yesterday, after which the total number of virus victims in the country has increased to more than 85,000.

In China, 42 more people were killed by the deadly virus last day, after which the death toll from the Corona virus in China raised to 2912, In total, more than 3,000 deaths have been reported by the Corona virus worldwide, including China.



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