The detained lawyer is under investigation for a 'breach' of privacy law

The detained lawyer is under investigation for a 'breach' of privacy law

Posted on Jan 3, 2020

Rawalpindi: The Defense Ministry has informed the Lahore High Court Bench that Lieutenant Colonel (R) Aamir Rehman is in the custody of his subsidiary, which is allegedly investigating the violation of the Official Secret Act.

It is pertinent to note that Rahman was picked up from his residence in Askari 14, Rawalpindi.

A representative of the defence ministry told Justice Mirza Vikas Rauf of the Lahore High Court that Advocate inam ur Rahman was detained for violating the Official Secret Act under the Pakistan Army Act (PAA).

However, the Defense Ministry representative did not specify how the detained lawyer had violated.

It is to be noted that Advocate inam ur Rehman has filed several petitions against the recovery of missing persons and administration orders of the army and armed forces.

Along with this, he was also an advocate of a petition filed against a high-profile court-martial in connection with the general headquarters Rawalpindi attack and the punishment of others, including Navy officers.

Advocate Ehsanuddin Sheikh and Brigadier (R) Wasif Khan Niaz appeared at the hearing of the petition filed for the recovery of Advocate inam ur Rahman.

Advocate Ehsanuddin Sheikh said that even if inam-ur-Rehman violated the Official Secret Act, he should be treated according to the law, but three weeks after his disappearance, the location of his presence in the Lahore High Court. 
At which, Justice Rauf asked the deputy attorney general to inform the court of the reasons for his detention, and if he failed to satisfy the judge, the court would summon the Additional Attorney General in this case.




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