The death toll in the US remains high, affecting Good Friday celebrations worldwide

The death toll in the US remains high, affecting Good Friday celebrations worldwide

Posted on Apr 10, 2020

The Coronavirus, which has spread to 188 countries and regions around the world, has infected a total of 1605,000 people so far, the worldwide Christian community is unable to celebrate Good Friday celebrations due to the outbreak of the virus, while the church is deserted. People are organizing special rituals at home.

According to the news agency AP, on the other hand, the new 579 cases of the virus in Japan, where the total number has exceeded 5,000, and the constant increase in the number of affected people, the Japanese Prime Minister is taking a "slow attitude".

In the context of Good Friday, politicians and medical experts warned that if the authorities showed a relaxed policy with regard to social distance, the consequences would be serious and unobtrusive.

Authorities all over Europe closed down highways to encourage crowds so people could not go to church and hold gatherings.

On the other hand, the Japanese Prime Minister is facing severe criticism for delaying the adoption of virus protection strategies in Japan.

Deaths in America

In other European countries Australia and New Zealand, the number of people infected with the virus have dropped significantly this week.

But rising mortality rates in the UK and New York have raised fears that the war against the virus is still long.

New York also recorded a record-breaking 799 deaths on the third day, and more than half of the total number in the state - more than 7,000 people were killed - and 16,000 deaths were recorded throughout the United States.

The Governor of New York said that it was extremely disappointing and heartbreaking that there were no sentences to express it.

Problems will be exacerbated in war-torn areas, the United Nations
On the other hand, the UN also postponed the meeting of the Security Council, which was trying to solve the problems of war or tornadoes.

In this regard, the UN Secretary-General said that the virus would increase the proportion of social conflict and violence in war-torn areas.

19 European countries have agreed on a $ 550 billion aid package that will support the economy by spending on companies, workers and the health system.

In this regard, the head of the World Financial Organization (IMF), Christina Georgia, warns that the example of the economic crisis caused by the Coronavirus has not been found in the past century and has taken massive steps to overcome the crisis.

In this regard, he said that the economic crisis in the world was the first of its kind in the world after the Great Depression of 1930.

The French president became the focus of an online petition after 460 signatures filed for the hydroxylamine test in France.

The virtual function of Good Friday

Due to widespread restrictions on public gatherings, religious events related to Easter Friday are also being held virtually where members can attend TV or online.

In addition, most people are organizing religious ceremonies at drive-in theaters where people can attend Good Friday celebrations while in their cars.

It is clear that the Texas governor has called religious gatherings "essential services."

A Houston church has made arrangements for washing hands and with the help of 1,000 volunteers, has enabled people to maintain a distance of 6 feet or more.

Pope Francis will celebrate at the empty St. Petersburg instead of at the Easterfried gathering.

The Archbishop of Canterbury in England will deliver his Easter sermon via video.

In addition, Iran's religious leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei suggested that large gatherings be banned in Ramadan.


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