The Corona virus killed 631 citizens in Italy

The Corona virus killed 631 citizens in Italy

The Coronavirus killed 631 citizens in Italy

Rome: Coronavirus wreaks havoc in Italy, the death toll from the deadly virus has increased steadily, and the death toll in Italy has increased to 631.

According to details, the number of people killed by the Coronavirus in Italy so far has been 631 while more than ten thousand people have been affected by the deadly virus. Italy is the most affected country in European countries.

The Army Chief of Italy has also fallen prey to this deadly virus, but his condition is better.

The foreign news agency had said that the Italian government has imposed an emergency across the country, the government has strictly forbidden citizens to leave the house without reason, if someone comes out of the house without reason, he will be fined 206 euros and will be sentenced to three months imprisonment.

In the wake of the virus spread, all public gatherings in Italy have been banned, sports events including football matches have been cancelled and all educational institutions have been closed.

Following the recent ban, residents of 14 provinces in the north and east of the country, including Lombardy, will need special permits before travelling, Italy's cities Milan and Venice are also included in the affected areas.

Officials say that the lockdown situation will remain until April 3, Public transport will remain active during this time.

Due to Lockdown Now, 60 million people will be in a quarantine situation.

These sanctions imposed on Italy's citizens are the toughest in any country after China.




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