The Woman Contact With Her Loved Ones Got in Touch With the Family Living in India

The Woman Contact With Her Loved Ones Got in Touch With the Family Living in India

Thousands of people sacrificed their lives during the migration during the establishment of Pakistan in 1947 and many people lost their loved ones who are still waiting for a reunion with their loved ones. There is a similar story of a Pakistani woman who was separated from her family in India at the time of the establishment of Pakistan and was busy trying to contact her that one day she will be able to contact her.

Dafia Bai is based in the Punjab province of Pakistan and can connect with her family in India with the help of a Pakistani YouTuber. Last year, YouTuber Muhammad Alamgir shared a video on his account in which he requested to share it as much as possible. In his video, he talks about the effects of the partition of the subcontinent and its impact on the woman's life.

Muhammad Alamgir also issued the number of the woman's granddaughter so that she could be contacted if the video was received. Dafia Bai's family lives in the village of Morkhana, near the city of Bikaner in the Indian state of Rajasthan, and she was separated from her loved ones during the formation of India and Pakistan.

"I have spent my whole life crying. I offered people money and ghee to help me find my family," she said. The elderly woman also mentioned the names of her grandparents, brothers and sisters living across the border. Her granddaughter Naseer Khan said that she used to tell us about a place in India where there were many peacocks.

Naseer Khan said about the woman that she also tells us about her participation in her uncle's wedding in the same village. However, after the release of the video, the search for her family continued for a long time and she was able to contact her family in India a year later in September 2020.

Later on September 13 this year, another video was released by the same YouTuber Muhammad Alamgir. In the video, Dafia Bai was grateful and very happy to contact her nephew. The woman had talked to her nephew through video and during this time she became very emotional.

In a video released on YouTube, he said that finding him for decades was painful for her. She said the trauma of losing his family was greater than the death of his children.

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