The British prime minister Boris Johnson took office a month later

The British prime minister Boris Johnson took office a month later

Posted on Apr 27, 2020

Boris Johnson, the British prime minister who contracted the coronavirus, took up his post about a month later. Boris Johnson was diagnosed with corona on March 27 last month. However, he was still in charge of the PM's office from home.

However, a week later, Boris Johnson's condition deteriorated and he was transferred to St Thomas' Hospital in London on the night between April 6 and 7.

However, his condition worsened soon after he was transferred to the hospital, after which he was shifted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the hospital on April 7 and his condition remained critical for the first 8 hours. 

After spending about three days in the ICU, he was taken out of the intensive care unit on April 10 and transferred to the general ward.

Boris Johnson remained in the hospital for about two more days after the ICU and was discharged from St. Thomas Hospital on the afternoon of April 12, although he did not assume the responsibilities of Prime Minister.

But on the night of April 26, he returned to his official office, Downing Street, and on April 27, he will chair a meeting on Corona a month later.

According to the British newspaper The Guardian, Prime Minister Boris Johnson is currently facing challenges such as easing or tightening the lockdown in the country, as politicians and government officials in the UK are currently facing dilemmas over the lockdown. 

The lockdown in the UK will expire in the first week of May and the government has not yet given any clear indications or statements regarding the second phase of the lockdown.


Boris Johnson is the first prime minister in the world to suffer from corona - Photo: Reuters
Although some politicians have said that the country's economy cannot bear the burden of further lockdowns, some government ministers have also said that despite easing the lockdown, other measures, including security measures such as social distances, are inevitable and such measures are long overdue. It will take time.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson, while assuming his responsibilities, has also asked government ministers for suggestions on how to restore business life while making lives safer.

Foreign Secretary Dominic Robb, who took over in Boris Johnson's absence, also called the decision to allow children to go to school without further protection "incomprehensible" and said it would be "dangerous" to do so.

According to Dominic Robb, in the second phase of the lockdown, some businesses may be allowed to open, but we also need to take strict measures in this regard, and only those businesses that trade essentials should be allowed to open.

The lockdown in the UK expires in the first week of May, but the government is expected to extend the lockdown with some leeway, with the lockdown in place since early March.

While Prime Minister Boris Johnson was infected with the coronavirus in Britain, Prince Charles was also infected with the corona, while other prominent politicians and social figures, including Britain's Deputy Minister of Health, were also affected.

As of the afternoon of April 27, the number of Corona patients in the UK had risen to more than 154,000, while the death toll had risen to 20,790.

As of the afternoon of April 27, the number of Corona patients worldwide had risen to more than 2.98 million, while the death toll had risen to more than 260,000.


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