The British House has approved a Brexit

The British House has approved a Brexit

The British House (lower chamber) has approved a Brexit deal for separation from the European Union.

According to foreign news agency AFP, the prospects of Britain's separation from the European Union on January 31 have come to light after the passage of the bill.

During the voting in the capital, 330 votes were cast in support of the Brexit deal and 231 in opposition.

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The Brexit deal will now be presented in the British capital (upper chamber) and from there, the Queen will ratify the UK treaty and possibly Britain will be separated from the EU by 31 January.

It should be noted that on June 26, 2016, the British people voted in favour of secession from the European Union, but Brexit was successful, but the division on how to get out of the EU increased so much that without an agreement, the fear of leaving the EU. The British began to persecute the people and politicians.

The Brexit case has been under discussion for many years and the British Prime Minister had to resign over the failure to approve Brexit.

Theresa May, who became prime minister in July 2016, promised to make a public decision on the Brexit deal but has faced difficulties since fierce opposition, and she continues to persuade MPs to accept the expulsion agreement.



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