The bombing took place in Afghanistan just two days after the signing of the US-Taliban peace deal

The bombing took place in Afghanistan just two days after the signing of the US-Taliban peace deal

A few days of the ceasefire in Afghanistan ended with a horrific blast, and two days after the Taliban signed a peace deal with Washington, they ordered their fighters to resume operations against Afghan forces.

No one has claimed responsibility for the attack on a football ground in eastern Khost province, killing 3 brothers, officials said.

The explosion occurred when the Taliban ordered their fighters to launch attacks against the Afghan army and police forces, apparently the culmination of an official level 'violence reduction' deal.

The temporary agreement between the US, the Taliban and the Afghan forces lasted for a week, which resulted in the signing of the agreement between the United States and the Taliban on Saturday in Doha.

Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid told AFP that "the reduction in violence is now over and our operations will continue as usual."

"According to the US Taliban agreement, our mujahideen will not attack foreign forces, but our operations will continue against the forces of the Kabul administration," he said.

According to documents provided by AFP by a Taliban leader, the Taliban's military commission issued instructions to fighters to resume operations.

Shortly afterwards, the commander of the Afghan army said that the Taliban were attacking military installations in the northwestern province of Baghdis, killing at least one soldier.

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani said he would continue the temporary agreement until the start of talks between Afghan officials and the Taliban, which will likely take place on March 10, but rejected the prisoners' transfer agreement.

Defense Ministry spokesman Fawad Amani said that the government was "now witnessing whether the agreement has been terminated".

Washington previously said they hoped the Taliban would continue to reduce violence until the beginning of inter-Afghan talks.

"The reduction in violence is for encouragement, we are serious about our objections and hope that the Taliban will be serious about their objections," said Scott Miller, commanding general of US forces in Afghanistan.

"America has a clear stand on its hopes, violence should be curtailed," he said.

Be aware that the US had previously said that if their Afghan partners were attacked they would defend it.


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