The bodies placed in the bookshelves in the cabinets

The bodies placed in the bookshelves in the cabinets

The bodies placed in the bookshelves in the cabinets!
The building houses a library known as the Abbey Library. You will be amazed at the unique design of the building, its elegance and decor. Not only that, you may be scared to go inside. Before entering, if you know that there are a few enclosed bodies in this magnificent building, you can decide whether to enter or not, but we are sure that curiosity will overcome fear and you will be able to enter Switzerland. Will definitely visit the St. Gallen library in the area.

This booklet is filled with books on ancient magazines, new and wonderful topics. There are also many mosaics and ancient maps preserved. A sanctuary was established centuries ago, and a later library was erected here. Today, this two-story library has a worldwide reputation.
The library consists of a large hall with books stored in wooden cabinets on each side. The magnificence and beauty of this building are reflected from the wall here. The woodwork here is very fine and finely done. Apart from the cupboards, the ornaments and ceilings are rarely found in the skill that has been decorated and decorated.

The building is also considered to be a masterpiece of architecture in which special arrangements for air and light dishes are made, while the hall is also made of special measurements and moulds. In 1983 it was declared a World Heritage Site.
Now let's go to the collapsed bodies in the library. They are said to have been buried some 1300 years ago in the central hall between the bookshelves.



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