The automotive industry is under severe criticism in the Senate

The automotive industry is under severe criticism in the Senate

Posted on Jan 14, 2020

ISLAMABAD: The local Senate has been criticized by the local car for being a threat to drivers because of the assembling of cars in the name of manufacturing, rising prices without any checks and lack of safety standards.

At the meeting, Senator Azam Swati said that the rules for punishing manufacturers of unsafe vehicles are being drafted, which has been presented to the federal cabinet.

According to the report, if a car does not open airbag or other safety standards, companies will be liable in case of loss of life in the accident and will have to pay millions of rupees.

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Federal Minister for Parliamentary Affairs said that under the new policy proposed by the government, 18 new car manufacturing plants will be set up, 5 of which are in the process of preparation and Chinese and Korean companies are also involved in the competition.

Minister Swati said that the government cannot set prices, the demand gap is determined by the market, so if production is higher than demand, prices will fall.

He said that companies are being given Zero tax for importing machines but they are assembling cars in the name of manufacturing.

Earlier, Senator Atiq Ahmed Sheikh had said that the auto industry was shut down under a pre-planned project and that the poor quality vehicles are being assembled by making a cartel in the country.

He further said that companies raise prices without any check and due to this cartel there is no investment in this sector.




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