The Attempt failed to smuggle face mask from Pakistan

The Attempt failed to smuggle face mask from Pakistan

The attempt failed to smuggle face mask from Pakistan 

Lahore: People started smuggling face masks even after growing demand after the coronavirus, but customs officials have foiled a huge attempt to smuggle face masks at Allama Iqbal International Airport Lahore.

According to News, customs officials seized 60 kg mask at Lahore airport; a large quantity of mask was being smuggled from Lahore to Bangkok. The masks were recovered from the two passenger’s luggage.

Sources say that passengers from Faisalabad, Aziz Akbar and Rehan Azhar, were travelling through Thai Air Flight TG-346 to Bangkok. Both passengers passed through the ASF and ANF counters easily, but Customs Vigilance staff recovered the face mask from the bag during the passenger's luggage checking.

According to sources, the customs staff recovered about sixty kg face masks from the luggage of the two passengers, which was sealed in five cartons; these cartons were being taken away in two large bags, the recovered face mask has taken over by the customs authorities.

Remember that because of coronavirus the supply of face mask to overseas is banned.



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