The appointment of Arshad Malik is illegal, should be dismissed immediately

The appointment of Arshad Malik is illegal, should be dismissed immediately

The Auditor-General of Pakistan has recommended the immediate removal of Air Marshal Arshad Malik, terming the appointment of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in Pakistan International Airline (PIA) as a violation of the law.

The Auditor-General for Pakistan has issued a PIA audit report in which Air Marshal Arshad has been declared malicious, personal choice, against the rules and illegal in the position of CEO of the country's national airline.

The report states that Air Marshal Arshad Malik's deployment of the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) and forces for deployment to the PIA has been used in the country, which is a clear violation of transparency.

The audit report recommends that the investigation of Arshad Malik be investigated by an independent body, that the Aviation Division should also identify those responsible for the illegal appointment, especially considering the deficiencies of the board of directors. In the case of Musharaf Rasool Sian, the Supreme Court gave clear instructions about why it was violated.

The Auditor-General has stated in its long report that according to the rules, Air Marshal Arshad Malik would have to resign from the Pak Air Force if he had appeared on the interview board.

The report states that the PIA did not cooperate with the Auditor General's staff, so it cannot be stated exactly how much money Arshad Malik has made from the PIA.

However, in an estimated 8 months, the benefit is around Rs 3 lakh which is recommended to be withdrawn.

The Auditor-General has also stated that according to the rules, applications for this vacancy should be called in the newspapers three months before the national airline's chief executive officer's term ends, but in the case of Air Marshal Arshad Malik Inverted.

According to the report, Arshad Malik was appointed chief executive officer of the PIA for a period of three years on April 26, 2019, through an order first, followed by a war course, shipping, navigation. Aviation and military operations or any such related experience was added so that Air Marshal Arshad Malik could be unfairly benefited from the other candidates.



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