The allies criticize the Prime Minister's statement regarding the Reko Diq

The allies criticize the Prime Minister's statement regarding the Reko Diq

Islamabad: After a minister's agenda was dropped from the agenda at a National Assembly meeting and PPP was accused of being involved in corruption, the uproar in the House and the meeting was hastened. I had to postpone.

On behalf of the speaker, to give Murad Saeed the opportunity to answer questions that no one had asked, the opposition members stood in their seats in protest.

Ignoring the noise made by the opposition benches, Murad Saeed said that according to media reports regarding the internal story of the PML-N meeting, the question posed by the nation was also discussed.

He said that the Leader of the Opposition became the guarantor of his guilty elder brother and no one was ready to return.

Murad Saeed said that a member of the Sharif family had fled the country, "PML-N has given the race of the nation in the hands of a man (Ishaq Dar) who is an advertisement", he demanded Shahbaz Sharif. Tell us when they will come to Pakistan.

PTI leader criticized the Sindh government for increasing dog bite in Sindh and allocating crores of rupees for it.

He said that the demolition of non-standard buildings in Karachi is a constant problem and the main reason behind this is the rampant corruption.

During the Communication Minister's speech, the opposition members said that today is the day of the House reserved for private members and they have no right to speak on the issue which was neither raised in the House nor on the agenda.

However, Deputy Speaker Qasim Suri not only allowed Murad Saeed to speak but also warned the opposition members that they would postpone the proceedings if discipline was not maintained in the House, after which the meeting was adjourned in a hurry. The agenda could not be discussed in the House.

Earlier, the ruling Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf's allies criticized Prime Minister Imran Khan's statement in which he said that the country's debt would be repaid by selling assets of Reko Diq.

The said matter was raised by Aslam Bhutani, a member of the Independent Assembly from Balochistan, at a meeting on the Dawla notice; Aslam Bhutani, who supported the PTI government, criticized the Prime Minister's statement and expressed reservations that the resources were rich. Yet Balochistan is facing problems and deprivation.

He said natural gas was discovered in Sui in 1952 but even today 10 per cent of Balochistan's population has no gas, the province received only 2 per cent from the Reko Diq project, while 48 per cent came from the federal and 50 per cent to China. ۔

Aslam Bhutani claimed that Balochistan generates 2,000 MW of power despite needing 12 MW, but it receives only 6 to 700 MW of electricity and in many areas, it still has load shedding of 12 to 14 hours.

He further said that Reko Diq belonged to Balochistan and the youth would not tolerate any injustice. "Balochistan is neither a prosperous province nor a sale."

On the other hand, Akhtar Mengal, the leader of the coalition government of the government, said there was no response to the Prime Minister's statement, 'Is it not a violation of the 418th Amendment?'

He said that Balochistan's resources were brutally robbed and asked if it was considered a conquered area, he said that 3 trillion gold and silver deposits were sold to Balochistan and the province got only 2% from it. , Violation of Article 158 of the Constitution still continues


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