The Afghan peace deal is nearing break, Taliban warning to the US

The Afghan peace deal is nearing break, Taliban warning to the US

Posted on Apr 7, 2020

The Taliban have warned the US that the Afghan peace deal is nearing a break.

According to foreign news agencies, the Taliban have accused the US of drone strikes on civilians and violating the peace agreement.

The Taliban have also warned the Afghan government of delaying the release of 5,000 prisoners in accordance with the peace treaty.

The Taliban said they had stopped attacks on Afghan security forces' rural posts while foreign and Afghan forces were not attacked in cities and military facilities.

He said tensions would escalate if the US and Afghan government continued the alleged breach of the agreement.

He said that continuous breaches of the agreement would create an atmosphere of mistrust that would not only damage the deal but would also force their fighters to give in and increase the intensity of the fighting.

The Taliban said in the statement: "We are urging Americans to act on the contents of the agreement and encourage their allies to take full action."

It should be noted that the Taliban have been accused of 'defenseless arguments' over the continued delay in the release of 5,000 prisoners as per the agreement with the Afghan government, in return for which 1,000 government prisoners have been released.

The US military in Afghanistan rejected the Taliban's claim, saying it maintained the military's terms of the agreement and that the Taliban's claim was baseless.

"Our position is very clear that according to the agreement, we will defend the Afghan security forces if they are attacked," Colonel Sonny Leggett, a spokesman for the US forces in Afghanistan, said in a tweet.


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