Taliban offer temporary ceasefire to US

Taliban offer temporary ceasefire to US

Afghan Taliban offers US 7 to a 10-day temporary ceasefire in Afghanistan. According to the US news agency AP, Afghan Taliban officials said that the document was submitted by the Taliban to the US Senator Zalmay Khalilzad in the Afghan peace process in Qatar.

Zalmay Khalil has been pushing for a ceasefire on the Taliban for a long time, but it is not immediately clear whether the Taliban's offer could lead to dialogue between them and the United States, with the ultimate goal being between the parties. Is a peace treaty.

The Taliban's offer is seen as a new opportunity for positive progress toward a peace deal that will end the 18-year-long war in Afghanistan and the withdrawal of the US military.

The US State Department declined to comment immediately on the Taliban's offer.

Earlier Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi said in a video statement that "positive progress has been made today, the Taliban have expressed their willingness to reduce violence".

He added that "what was demanded by the United States is a step towards a peace deal".


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