Taliban delegation arrives in Kabul to discuss prisoner exchange

Taliban delegation arrives in Kabul to discuss prisoner exchange

A three-member Taliban delegation arrived in Kabul after the Afghan government announced a negotiating team to negotiate a prisoner exchange with the United States.

According to Al Jazeera report, Afghan Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said "our three-member technical team will assist in identifying and returning prisoners to release them."

He said that in this regard, the parties would sign an agreement with the opposition (Afghan government) and their work would begin in the coming days.

It should be noted that the Taliban had earlier denied direct talks with the Afghan government, calling them "puppets of the US," but inter-Afghan talks were agreed after a deal with the United States.

The Taliban had decided to send a 10-member delegation to discuss the release of prisoners, but Zabihullah Mujahid said the delegation had been restricted by the Corona virus in Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, the Afghan government negotiation team has been endorsed by President Ashraf Ghani's biggest political rival, Abdullah Abdullah, after which the importance of these talks has grown.

Abdullah Abdullah said in his statement on Twitter that "the formation of a negotiation team is an important step forward in advancing the international dialogue".

The exchange of prisoners between the Taliban and the Afghan government has been the main point, which has also led to the suspension of peace talks.

After a long hard work, the Taliban delegation has arrived in Kabul to negotiate an international conference, which has been designated in a luxurious hotel in Kabul.

'good news'

The US has endorsed the endorsement of Abdullah Abdullah, a dialogue delegation created by Afghan President Ashraf Ghani.

The move was seen as troubling following a sharp disagreement between Abdullah Abdullah and Ashraf Ghani in the 2019 presidential election, and other parties, including the United States, raised concerns.

Regarding the progress made in Kabul, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said it was good news that a team announced by the Afghan government had been agreed.

Mike Pompeo said during a press conference in Washington that "the negotiating team is being approved which is a great one and we are happy about it."

"We have seen some work on the release of prisoners, for which all parties have come together and we can enter the inter-Afghan dialogue phase," he said.

Referring to the inter-Afghan dialogue, he said that 'this would be the only way to give people hope for peace and reconciliation'.

Pompeo visited Kabul and Doha last week and urged the Afghan government and the Taliban to move forward with the peace process.

Two days ago, Taliban spokesman Spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid had said that the group would not negotiate with the government's team because it did not represent all Afghan factions, but after agreeing with all factions, the Taliban adopted The delegation was also sent.

Zabihullah Mujahid had said that the fact is that the team announced by the Afghan government is 'in breach' of its agreement with the United States because not all parties agree on the team.

He said that in order to achieve lasting and genuine peace, the team must have the consent of all effective Afghan sides so that it can represent all sides.

Remember that the US signed a peace deal with the Taliban on February 29.


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