Taliban attack: kills 20 Afghan security personnel

Taliban attack: kills 20 Afghan security personnel

Posted on Mar 4, 2020

Afghan officials say 20 militants were killed in several Taliban attacks last night.

According to AFP reports, Safiullah Amiri, a member of the Provincial Council of Kunduz Province in Afghanistan, said that "Taliban attacked at least 3 military check posts in Imam Sahib, killing 10 soldiers and 4 policemen." Officers killed. '

The Taliban also attacked police in central Uruzgan province, which governor's spokesman Zargai Abadi said, "Unfortunately, 6 policemen were killed and 7 were injured."

Talks with Taliban leader Mullah Brother

The attack came at a time when US President Donald Trump had said that there was "very good" dialogue between him and the Taliban's political chief.

Donald Trump spoke to reporters in the White House without giving any name, saying he had "great conversations with the Taliban leader."

Later, the White House issued a statement in this regard, confirming the talks between Donald Trump and Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, saying that the US president called on the Taliban to participate in talks with the Afghan government.

On the other hand, the Taliban said in a statement that Trump called Afghans "tough people" and said, "you have a great country and I can understand that you are fighting for your land."


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