Sweden refuses to lock down despite criticism

Sweden refuses to lock down despite criticism

Posted on Apr 10, 2020

Sweden is considered among the 188 countries affected by the Coronavirus in Europe, which is reluctant to lock down even though the Coronavirus has increased.

Sweden has seen an increase in Coronavirus cases for the past one and a half months, and by the afternoon of April 10, the number of patients has risen to close to 10,000 while the death toll has risen to 800.

Sweden is considered one of the countries in Europe where the health system is the best and the basic health services are free to everyone and the health system between Coronavirus has been improved.

Sweden did not enforce lockdowns on its own, unlike other neighboring countries, but the government there urged people to take responsibility.

The Swedish government had advised people to stay home and work away from each other after leaving, while people over 70 are better off if they do not.

And life in Sweden is still operating as usual and the government has not implemented any full or partial lockdowns.

Currently, life is restored in Sweden and not only is there a lot of shops open, but there are also grocery stores, including wine shops.

US President Donald Trump also criticized the Swedish government on April 9, saying the lockdown was not enforced despite the Coronavirus cases growing, saying that the government itself was making a big mistake by not making the lockdown.

The US president had said that the absence of lockdown would likely affect the Sweden Coronavirus in the near future.

However, now the Swedish government has not reaffirmed its commitment to implement the lockdown despite criticism of the US president but has said that the government does not intend the lockdown.

US Foreign Minister CNN reports that Sweden's Foreign Minister, Ann Kristin Linde, interviewed local TV after criticizing Donald Trump, saying that the government does not intend a lockdown, but that the government voluntarily authorizes the public. Believes in social distance and precautions are taken.

The Swedish Foreign Minister also said it was wrong to say that the strength of the Swedes' people is weak in defense and that the voluntary measures adopted by the people will further strengthen their defense. ۔

Not only the Swedish government but also the experts there agree on the issue of lockdown enforcement due to the Coronavirus.

The Swedish government's pandemic specialist, Dr. Elders Tignal, also disagrees with Lockdown's criticism of other global figures, including Donald Trump, and says it is wrong that not locking down would badly affect Sweden.

Dr. Evers Tignal said he thinks the Swedish government is doing right, there is no need for lockdown and that the health of Sweden's system is too strong to be able to cure an outbreak like Corona.

The infectious disease doctor also said that it is not necessary that the educational institutions and schools should also be closed for fear of a pandemic, but that according to them, if the schools were closed, then the people working there and going to study. Children will be locked up at home and become ill.

According to the Swedish government, people are following all their instructions so they do not need to be locked down.

Government officials say that under the directive, people aged 70 and over are not leaving their homes, while no more than 50 people are gathering anywhere, as well as people at all places taking social distance. Trying hard to stay away from each other.


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