Steps Taken by Modi will move Kashmir towards independence.

Steps Taken by Modi will move Kashmir towards independence.

Posted on Feb 6, 2020

Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that there is no doubt that the steps taken by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi will move Kashmir towards independence.

Addressing a special meeting of the Legislative Assembly of Azad Kashmir on the occasion of Solidarity Kashmir, Prime Minister Imran Khan said that I am a democrat because the history of the world has proved that democracy is the best, however bad. Is.

The Prime Minister said that the West went ahead of us because there was democracy, the better the democracy, the less poverty there was, the people who had democracy went ahead and those who were not left behind.

Prime Minister Imran Khan said that if you look at the richest country in the world and the poorest country you will find that the reason for prosperity is transparency while other countries are poor due to corruption.

"I have no personal fight with anybody. The problem is that if someone steals my house and takes it away, should I befriend him?"

Imran Khan never said to me to compromise with corrupt people because when I see one, one institution, it has been cleared of corruption.

Addressing the parliament of Azad Kashmir, Prime Minister Imran Khan said, "Never despair, despair is a sin. It means that you have lost faith in Allah. I tell my people that high and low comes from Allah." Is.

Continuing his talk, he said that the nations have a difficult time with us, we will come out of this difficult time and become a great nation.

He said, "I have no doubt that the step that Narendra Modi took in Kashmir six months ago from August 5, I believe that Kashmir will be liberated now."

Imran Khan said that if Modi did not take this step, we could not say anything to the world, as Kashmiris were being persecuted in India, there were paltry guns being used on Kashmiris every other day Kashmiris were being martyred but the world was worried. No one was listening.

The Prime Minister said that when this tyranny was going on, which of our government raised the issue on which forum but on August 5, India made a terrible mistake that it cannot back down.

He said that Narendra Modi gained a big degree in campaigning against Pakistan, promoted Hindutva philosophy and brought RSS philosophy.

Imran Khan said that after August 5, we had the opportunity, I gave a speech in the assembly and said it was an RSS philosophy.

The Prime Minister said that I had promised that I would be the ambassador of Kashmir. I did my best, whatever went on the forum, I told him what was happening in Kashmir and also carried RSS philosophy.

"I did not just call heads of states but used every forum, besides the UN General Assembly, raised the issue of Kashmir at the refugees' conference in Geneva and explained to Trump three times that the Kashmir issue is there," he said.

Imran Khan said, "I know the Western world better, I know what will affect them. If any philosophy combines with Nazi philosophy it is impossible to ignore it.

The Prime Minister said that I have interviewed global channels and newspapers and told that this threat to not only Kashmir but the whole of India, this philosophy will affect 85 million people.

He said that the citizenship amendment act threatens not only Muslims but also Christians, which is very frightening for India.

Imran Khan said that the magazines that had never done evil to India only used to call Pakistan bad and today they are raising the issue.

The Prime Minister said that the steps that Narendra Modi has taken cannot be withdrawn and further damage will be done and now it is time that Kashmir will go towards independence.

Imran Khan said that all of us should do is to remind the world that close to 8 million people have been locked inside open prisons.

He said that the situation in India will only get worse, Narendra Modi said that we can conquer Pakistan in 11 days. The head of a country should make such a statement that if both countries have nuclear weapons, the man who talks like this cannot be normal. ۔

The Prime Minister said that Narendra Modi was lagging behind Hindutva, then the statement of the Army Chief of India came, panicked people, make such statements.

Imran Khan said that this is a democratic and political war. This is the first time that the trend of global media has gone towards Pakistan's stand.

He said that Kashmir could not be effectively raised during the UN General Assembly session, because of the sit-in, the problem was resolved in Kashmir.


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