SSP Mukhafar Adeel surrendered before the Lahore Police in the murder Case of Advocate Shahbaz Tatla

SSP Mukhafar Adeel surrendered before the Lahore Police in the murder Case of Advocate Shahbaz Tatla

Posted on Mar 11, 2020

Lahore: A local court has handed over former Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Mukhafar Adeel surrendering in the Shahbaz Tatla case to police on a five-day physical remand.

It is pertinent to mention that yesterday, Mukhafar Adeel surrendered before the Lahore Police for his involvement in the murder of Advocate Shahbaz Tatla.

Mukhafar Adeel was arrested by investigative police last night after a month-long 'mysterious disappearance'.

During the court hearing today, the police made important revelations regarding the accused.

Police said that SSP Mukhafar Adeel had identified the location of Shahbaz Tatla's body and said he had killed Shahbaz Tatla with the help of his co-accused Asad Bhatti.

Police said the suspect also identified the place where the acid drum was thrown.

He took the stand that the matter was very serious and that the statement of the accused should be verified and the body also recovered. A 14-day remand should be given to complete the investigation.

In the court, the magistrate asked Mukhafar Adeel, 'Do you have a lawyer?' To which the accused replied, 'I have no lawyer'.

The court later approved the five-day physical remand of SSP Mukhafar Adeel and handed it over to the police.

After surrendering to the Mukhafar Adeel last night, senior police officials told that the SSP had surrendered and confessed to the crime and made horrific revelations that they had killed Advocate Shahbaz Tatla and then dumped his body in acid. Was burned from the ground.

Explaining the details of the case, officials said on condition of anonymity that Mukhafar Adeel told investigators that he had killed Shahbaz Tatla in honor and that they planned a mutual friend of Asad Bhatti.
Police officials said that the accused described Asad Bhatti as his co-accused, saying that he managed the drum and acid from the local market and planned to kill him in a rented house in Faisal Town.

Under the plan, Mukhafar Adeel called the advocate at home and strangled him and killed him, officials added.

He said that 'the accused was a professional police officer, he knew how to eliminate the victim's body to avoid being punished, which is very important evidence'.

The suspect revealed that he had ended Shahbaz Tatla's body in acid-filled drums and his remains were later thrown away.

Regarding the remains of the body, he said that the accused had made controversial statements, initially that the accused said that he left the deceased in the drainage of the township and later said that he had poured it into the river Ravi.

Regarding the disappearance, authorities said that the accused had gone to Gilgit-Baltistan after the murder so that he could avoid arrest and spent most of his time there, but later, when Lahore police intensified the investigation, his parents and son were detained. When I took it, he decided to surrender.

Before being extradited to the police, he said, the former SSP assured a few senior police officers that the investigating police would not torture him after his arrest.

It is understood that the murder case of Shahbaz Tatla was registered on February 7 in Naseerabad police station.

It is pertinent to mention that SSP Mukhafar Adeel  and Advocate Shahbaz Tatla, a former Assistant Advocate General of Punjab, were missing from February 7.

In this connection, a case was registered at Naseerabad police station on February 10 in connection with the disappearance of former Assistant Advocate General Shahbaz Ahmed Tatla.

Later, on February 12, the wife of SSP Mukhafar Adeel filed a petition at Nawab Town police station, stating that her husband was missing from her residence in Johar Town and her phone was also locked.

According to media reports, Assad Bhatti had a common friend who told police that Makhafar Adeel killed Shahbaz Tatla and dumped his body in an acid-filled drum.

Police identified Asad Bhatti with a CCTV footage in which he was sitting with SSP Mukhafar Adeel.

Earlier, a police officer said that the name of the alleged missing SSP has been put on the Exit Control List (ECL), while the police were allegedly involved in the murder of Shahbaz Tatla, a confidant on a serious / sensitive issue. Some information was obtained regarding the location of

Meanwhile, a few unconfirmed reports were circulating that the SSPs had gone abroad to warn law enforcement agencies.

Mukhafar Adeel  was serving the Punjab Constabulary Battalion Commander in Lahore, and in the past he has served as Deputy Director of SP Civil Lines Division, SP Security (Lahore High Court) and FIA in Lahore.


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