Sorry for the Controversial Wedding of Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively

Sorry for the Controversial Wedding of Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively

Posted on Aug 6, 2020

Deadpool star 43 years old, Ryan Reynolds, has apologized to fans for marrying 32-year-old actress Blake Lively in a controversial location eight years ago.

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively were quietly married in September 2012 in a museum and historic building in Charleston, South Carolina. The couple simply got married in the presence of a few relatives and friends at the Boone Hall Plantation, a historic park and museum in Charleston. The site, built during the American colonial era, is a 320-year-old museum and garden.

There are also many other historic gardens and places within the boundaries of the Boone Hall Plantation building, which have also been used as markets or prisons for selling black people as slaves. Although the Boone Hall Plantation was founded in 1837, other gardens within its boundaries were laid earlier. There is also a garden called Slave Street in the same building, which was founded before 1800, where black slaves were bought and sold during the Civil War.

Black men and women brought from Africa with official blessings were bought and sold at this place, and slaves were tied up like animals in the market, where they were also exploited.

Actor Ryan Reynolds had his second wedding with actress Blake Lively in September 2012 at the same location, the Garden Street of Slaves, and wedding photos and videos were proudly distributed. However, after 8 years of marriage in a controversial place, now the actor couple has apologized to the fans. The US broadcaster Fox News reported that Ryan Reynolds apologized to fans in a recent interview over the controversial wedding.

According to Ryan Reynolds, he chose the location of the wedding after seeing the photos on the social sharing application Pinterest, but he regrets the choice of the location. In an interview with Fast Company, Ryan Reynolds apologized for all his past decisions, as well as his wife Blake Lively, who apologized to fans for marrying in a controversial place.

Although fans have not objected to the couple's marriage in the past, the venue of their wedding has been criticized following recent anti-apartheid protests in the United States. Ryan Reynolds and his wife, Blake Lively, recently donated 10 million to organizations working to provide legal rights for black people.

It is believed that Ryan Reynolds first married actress Scarlett Johnson before Black Lovely. Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johnson were married in 2008, ending in divorce in 2011, and the actor remarried a year later.

Two years after their second marriage, the couple gave birth to their first son, James, in 2014, followed by their daughter Inez in 2016 and their third daughter in October 2019.


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