Sindh High Court Orders Cinema Owners to Allocate 85% Screens for Local Films

Sindh High Court Orders Cinema Owners to Allocate 85% Screens for Local Films

The Sindh High Court has directed cinema owners across the country to allocate 85 percent of screens for local films under the law and show more of them.

The Sindh High Court, in a brief order dated May 19, on the application of film producers Adnan Siddiqui, Akhtar Hussain, Shazia, Rauf Wajahat, Nida, and Yasir Nawaz, said that cinema owners are bound to give more priority to local films under Motion Pictures Ordinance 1979. ۔

According to the court order, the cinema administration is required to allocate 85% of the screens for local films and only 15% for foreign films.

In the said case, the petitioners have approached the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Central Board of Film Censors, Punjab Film Censor Board, Sindh Board of Film Censors, Competition Commission of Pakistan, JB Films, Newplex Cinemas, Sign Pack Cinemas, Sign Gold Cinemas, H.P. KC Entertainment and Deputy Commissioner Karachi District South were made parties.

The court directed all the respondents to make arrangements for allocating 85% of screens for local films in cinemas till the next hearing of the case on June 2. Prior to the Sindh High Court's decision, local film producers and directors had alleged that cinema owners were preferring foreign films to local ones and that Pakistani films were being shown very little.

After almost two years and four Eids in Pakistan, this time 4 Urdu and one Punjabi film were released on Eid-ul-Fitr, and just a few days after the Eid, the filmmakers claimed that the cinema owners were showing fewer local films.

Local filmmakers held an emergency press conference in which Badar Ikram of Hum TV Network quoted the Motion Pictures Act 1979 as saying that under this law no cinema can show more than 15% foreign films. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Cinema owners claim that audiences prefer foreign films to local ones, which is why they are forced to show foreign films.


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