Showbiz Personalities Support Pti's Long March

Showbiz Personalities Support Pti's Long March

Posted on May 26, 2022

Following the former Prime Minister and Chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) 's announcement of the Independence Long March towards Islamabad on May 25 against the government, several showbiz personalities supported him and appealed to the fans to join the march.

Several showbiz personalities also announced to be part of the long march and appealed to the fans to join the anti-government protests and leave their homes for the sake of Pakistan.

Actress Maryam Nafees had said in her video message on May 24 that she would be part of the long march on Srinagar Highway on May 25 and at the same time she had appealed to the fans to participate in it.

Maryam Nafees had also told the people that if they are local residents of Islamabad, they should not forget to bring cold water from home for other people. In her May 25 tweet, Maryam Nafees urged men to join the long march with their women, as they feared they might be harassed by animals.

Senior actress Samina Peerzada, without explicitly supporting the PTI's long march, wrote in her tweet, "Obstacles against our own people. Disagreement is why they are giving the impression of war with the enemy. We are all Pakistani Laying the tunnels of hatred will make everyone bleed.

In another tweet, he wrote, "People's tsunami should never be taken lightly. World history is full. It is still time to read the graffiti. Announce the date of elections, may Allah be the guardian of Pakistan.

Actress Veena Malik tweeted sarcastically about the weapons being recovered from the participants of the long march and wrote that "a large number of weapons were recovered from the participants of the Independence March. Two F-16s were reportedly seized from a woman's purse and an atomic bomb from a child's feeder.

Singer and actor Haroon Shahid also supported the long march and in his tweet also advised those participating in anti-government protests in Karachi not to join the march with children in hot weather.

At the same time, he gave tips to the fans not to forget to bring a lot of water, towels, and salt with them when they come in March and also be prepared in the sense that there will be tear gas for them in March.


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